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Hagi is adjustable for every size of player and every guitar.

The Guitarhold is suitable for all standard guitars, as well as Western, Jazz and Flamenco guitars.

Unique technique, with unparalleled advantages:

  • also for left handed players
  • improved playing position, avoids and corrects bad posture, allowig easy breathing
  • improved resonance in that sound absorbtion by the body is reduced
  • the adhesive of the hook and loop tape leaves no traces and does no damage to the varnish of the guitar - whether a standard guitar or one with special French polish of Schellac
  • Hagi can be fully adjusted to fit every body size and playing position
  • adjustable for all heights
  • the band length can be adjusted to fit snugly
  • pivot joint permits free bodily movement
  • foldable and easy to carry
  • hook and loop tape attachment allows quick and easy fitting




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